Membership Benefits of the LACFI

Thought Leadership

We ensure continuous support for the development of International businesses collaborations by creating and disseminating cross-industry best practices and critical knowledge, and help members understand and keep abreast of changing economic conditions, new regulatory and emerging business environment, and rapid technological change. Operating through 23 International offices globally representing all industry  sectors, we regularly organize workshops, seminars, customized business delegations and site visits that are well-attended and well-received. Members get special concessions on delegate fees where applicable. Become a part of the LACFI for better global connectivity.

Industry Intelligence-Business Support and Advocacy

We provide strong interface with Foreign Trade missions and local Indian State Governments in the formulation of industrial policy, sector specific schemes and policies that can enable bring in Foreign Investment, the development of critical infrastructure  including land and energy, and do our best to ensure an industry-friendly regulatory network. We also provide necessary policy and institutional support to the emerging businesses in developing these policies, with industry expertise, cutting edge research and incisive analysis. We regularly send out delegation representations on both urgent and long standing issues. With a powerful voice in the foreign trade departments, and a credibility built over several decades, we make sure Industry’s representations are heard by the Governments of various countries that will welcome Indian businesses abroad.

Foreign Collaborations

LACFI has developed excellent and extensive contacts with Foreign Embassies and Trade Offices in India and abroad with many Indian missions, counterpart associations in other countries. We facilitate regular interaction with these offices, to enable LACFI members to explore opportunities in other countries and ensure smooth and trouble free operations overseas. We also assist in Import/Export Documentation, Visa Letters, Certificates of Origin and customized delegations based on sector interest. We regularly host visiting trade delegations from abroad and facilitate similar trips abroad.

IETO Network, Business Support and Advocacy

LACFI delivers the best networking internationally. Featuring State heads, leaders and professionals from Large, Medium and Small Industries, besides Institutions, Utilities, and Government departments and political leaders, LACFI initiatives are always an occasion where top professionals and leaders meet, engage in business discussions, celebrate and innovate. Our membership team helps build ‘One-on-one’ connections and assist specific companies or individuals to meet others working across a broad spectrum of Industries. Our recent visits to Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Japan are to name a few that have enabled delegates to focus on delivery and action. Delegates who have signed MOUs have always resulted in MOA’s(Action) to be implemented.

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